Viral Launch Cost Reduced In 2017 As Viral Launch Coupon Code System Is Expanded

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Popular Amazon FBA Product Launch Service & Seller Platform "Viral Launch" has expanded its $50 Coupon Code System to reduce to price of all services including its new Market Intelligence Software for monthly and annual subscribers.

The market’s most popular product Amazon product launch service ‘Viral Launch’ has introduced a coupon code system to allow new users to take advantage of all their services, including its revolutionary new ‘Market Intelligence’ software, reducing the overall cost of all services.

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One of the most popular breakout ‘trends’ in the online business community of the past several years has undeniably been the FBA ‘Fulfillment By Amazon’ model, which involves sourcing products and ‘private labeling’ them under a seller’s own brand. The model has exploded and generated millions, if not billions in revenues thus far.

Once a product is sourced successfully and the quality is in place, the key to success with the ‘FBA’ Amazon business model tends to be the ‘launch strategy’. After assisting with over 20,000+ product launches, the launch service platform “Viral Launch” has the data to hit success time and time again.

A recent Reddit user made this comment regarding Viral Launch: “They might cost more, but they are the best at what they do in my opinion.”

While Viral Launch’s prices have indeed risen in previous months, they have reinvested a huge portion of revenues into developing and releasing new tools and services for FBA sellers. Their aim is to become the ‘one stop’ service for launching and scaling a profitable product line.

With a team of over 20+ employees now, and offering services such as product photography, design and listing optimization services (on top of the primary ‘launch’ service); a prime example of their constant innovation is the release of its extremely accurate Market Intelligence Software and related Chrome Extension.

To alleviate any constraints caused by a rise in price, Viral Launch has expanded it’s coupon code system to reduce the price of monthly and annual subscription to its Market Intelligence software, in addition to its launch services and all other services – to further aid sellers in getting a stronger ROI.

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