Viral Email List Building Video Tutorial Beginners Training Guide Launched, a website providing digital marketing training and resources, launched Viral List Building Tutorial Video Course. Designed as a step-by-step guide to effective list building, the course helps users employ effective strategies to generate high-converting e-mail lists., a website specializing in informative materials on various internet marketing topics, launched a new email list building course aiming to help marketers leverage effective strategies to generate high-conversion e-mail lists. The course features nine videos covering everything from types of lists to step-by-step list building strategies.

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While digital marketing strategies become increasingly diverse, list building remains one of the essential prerequisites for any large-scale direct marketing campaign. E-mail lists are powerful assets that can help businesses in all industries engage with their potential clients on a regular basis, promoting various products, services and special events. launched Viral List Building Tutorial Video Course to help beginning marketers and business owners build extensive, high-conversion e-mail lists using professional strategies.

Designed as a step-by-step course, the video training features nine short clips discussing various theoretical concepts and practical applications. While a short theoretical grounding in the issue of list building is provided, the main focus is on the step-by-step approach that has been proved successful by various marketers throughout the world.

The first video provides a brief overview of the course, helping users navigate through the rest of the videos to find specific information on topics of interest. Videos two and three present the advantages of the most successful type of lists, with video four offering a step-by-step method to help users design attractive offers that generate vendor interest, thus allowing access to large, high-potential e-mail lists.

Videos five through nine offer complete instructions on finding vendors, creating “Thank You” offers, and implementing other successful strategies for successful list building.

The full video course is available for $17, the company offering a 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

Interested parties can find more information on the new list building course by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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