VIP Realty Offers 100% Commission Plans to Support New and Experienced Realtors

VIP Realty supports new and experienced realty agents through training and career opportunities, all designed to help realtors develop their brand and close more transactions.

Dallas, TX – VIP Realty Careers, a real estate company that aims to help realtors optimize their careers, is now offering 100% commission plans for their agents. With their Platinum and Diamond plans, realtors can keep all commissions and a pay a small monthly fee to access leads generated by the company, as well as training and support. With offices in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, El Paso, and Midland, VIP Realty Careers is accessible for many agents across Texas and beyond.

VIP Realty offers three different plans depending on the realtor’s needs. The Gold Plan, or 80/20 Plan, requires no fees whatsoever and still provides many benefits and training opportunities. The Platinum Plan gives realtors 100% of their commission and only requires a monthly fee of $99 dollars. The Diamond Plan offers the most opportunities to agents with their training and 24/7 support team.

They also help Texas agents build their own branding with a website that is completely customizable. Each agent’s website features a realtor profile with listings, intended to attract new clientele and build leads. VIP Realty gives realtors the chance to create their own branding, based on however they would like to present themselves to new clients.

VIP Realty’s special branding opportunities, reasonable monthly fees, and commission plans give fresh and seasoned realtors the chance to personalize their image, bring more traffic to their websites, and generate more leads. This company gives realtors a guide to successful business ventures, designed for those specializing in commercial, residential, or apartment locating. The exposure VIP Realty brings is maximized through many different media platforms. Their television, social media, and radio campaigns are seen by clients across the state.

The agency understands how difficult it is for new and inexperienced realtors to build a reputation early in their careers. That’s why they believe their realtor support initiatives are so important; they’re happy to not only help their realtors grow, but also offer 24/7 office staff to answer any questions.

VIP’s realtors agree that the highly sought-after 100% commission plans, branding opportunities, and small monthly fees make VIP Realty an ideal choice for sponsorship. Those interested in learning more about becoming an agent, as well as monthly plans and rates, are encouraged to visit VIP Realty’s website today.

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