Vinyl Art shares new case study on working with a beauty supply company

Vinyl Art's latest case study recounts working with a major manufacturer and distributor of beauty supplies. The company wanted to prominently display one of its most popular products.

Vinyl Art has published the fourth in an ongoing series of case studies reflecting a 40-year history of creating vinyl and plastic products for a wide variety of customers.

The latest case study recounts working with a major manufacturer and distributor of beauty supplies. The company was looking for a way to prominently display one of its most popular products.

This company was already a major supplier of combs to barbers, but the company was aware that it could raise demand for this product if the combs stayed in front of patrons. This meant finding a way to move the combs from a standing container and into a position where both barbers and customers would see the them.

Vinyl Art’s case study explains how the team assigned to the project quickly came up with a solution that required no retooling expenses. “We’ve created countless point-of-purchase solutions for our clients in the 40 years that Vinyl Art has been around,” says Vice President Tim Hitchings. “One of our specialties is flat display packaging using vinyl and acrylic heat-sealing.”

The team presented a solution that takes advantage of one of their own most popular products.

“Presentation is everything,” says Executive Sales Director Rob Slattery. “In working with the supplier, our research questions revealed that most barbers were looking for a way to have these combs on display, and easily within reach. The optimal place for this sleeve for the combs was right at their stations, and usually hanging over the top edge of the large mirror. Because of the reflection, we knew it would be necessary to have a sleeve backside with a solid color – and white was the obvious choice.”

Vinyl Art produces pouches for products ranging from postage-size price tags to full-size paper sheet protectors. They made the display sleeves in a highly cost-efficient manner by modifying one of the thousands of in-house dies they’ve created over the 40 years they’ve been in business.

Vinyl Art plans to release further case studies about products created for clients during the company’s four decades of operations. These case studies are being released throughout 2018 to help celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary.

Four decades of operation have resulted in the creation of over 5,000 dies which Vinyl Art can repurpose to help clients create flexible packaging and loose-leaf products. This greatly reduces the production cost involved in manufacturing. “The dies have interesting stories attached to them,” Slattery says. “We’re celebrating 40 years in business by sharing some of these stories.”

Download a copy of the case study from the Vinyl Art website.

About Vinyl Art: Vinyl Art specializes in custom vinyl package designs. Manufacturing is done in-house on state-of-the-art equipment, creating products proudly made in America. Their manufacturing capabilities include foil stamping, debossing, screen printing, and vinyl custom designs/colors/textures.

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