Vince Hodes’s Midland Metal Industrial attained a Major Milestone

Vince Hodes's Midland Metal Industrial has re-merged with Billy Hodes's Midland Metal Plumbing

Midland Metal Industrial, a top supplier of high quality fittings, nipples, and accessories is pleased to announce that it has merged with its brother company, Midland Metal Plumbing. This venture was embarked upon because of the company’s commitment to satisfying its numerous customers and also because Midland Metal is a company that builds intimate relationships with its customers.

This merger gives the company a natural opportunity to reevaluate and also improve its customers’ experiences. Midland Metal is determined to serve people that depend on them for their success.

“Since the idea has been launched we’ve had a lot of professionals review the merger; the reviews have shown that the merger is best for our customers,” stated Billy Hodes.

When asked if the merger between the two companies will help the client better, Billy Hodes said, “The merger integration process provided a natural opportunity to reevaluate, and even improve, the overall customer experience. As the integration progressed, our customer experience team stayed focused on the customers’ needs.”

“We empower employees,” Vince Hodes added, “and provide them with the tools and information they need to respond to customers’ needs.”

When asked what steps are being taken to ensure Midland Metal continues to thrive, Billy Hodes stated, “Setting ambitious retention goals, making the customer experience an integral part of merger planning, finding new ways to improve the customer experience, communicating and listening with customers, and empowering employees to provide better service, have all played a part in improving the overall service and experience our customers have come to depend on for generations.”

Vince Hodes further added, “For our family business, values are the connective tissue… the source of our success, our commitment, and our longevity. They energize our culture, helping to assure cohesion, resolve conflicts and strengthen operations through the natural act of passing down a legacy of teamwork.”

The benefit of this merger includes-

– Improved customer service

– Accelerate growth.

– Exceeding customers’ expectation.

– Cost effective.

About Midland Metal:

Midland metal is a worldwide source for high quality fittings, valves, nipples, and accessories delivered with innovative service at the most competitive prices. Visit to learn more about the company.

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