Villas NJ Boat Lighthouse Power Pedestal Installation – Eaton Report Launched

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Majewski Plumbing has launched a new report on the benefits of the Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal for providing shore power to boaters wanting to enjoy the benefits of home whilst still onboard.

Majewski Plumbing, plumbing, and heating, a smart home technology company based in Villas, NJ, has released a report on Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestals for boaters. The report describes the benefits of shore power pedestal systems for boaters who want to enjoy the convenience of a shore power source to charge batteries, run appliances, and enjoy home entertainment devices.

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The newly released report provides information about the Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal, a system that allows boaters to run practical tools and appliances onboard their vessels.

When docked, boat engine use is often restricted due to the environmental impact of noise and fumes. A marina power supply enables boat owners to enjoy onboard entertainment systems at a reduced cost and with reduced impact on the environment.

The new report recommends the Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal due to its exceptional durability. The power source is engineered to withstand a variety of weather conditions and features lockable, weatherproof doors as well as a resin housing, with a two-part polyurethane coating, to provide UV protection and a long-lasting finish.

Another advantage of the Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal is that it is fully customizable with the ability to add phone, cable and even high-speed internet.

It also provides two water spigots for shore water usage, allowing boaters to enjoy longer showers or use onboard washing machines.

The report explains the importance of hiring a qualified electrician and plumber when installing an Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal system. This will limit errors and avoid issues that can arise with electric shock and water pressure.

With complicated elements such as a digital meter, communication ports, and integrated water access, the Eaton Lighthouse Power Pedestal requires the expertise of a licensed electrician and plumber to ensure the system is installed correctly and safely.

Majewski Plumbing and Heating has over 30 years of industry experience and the expertise to install Eaton Lighthouse Pedestal systems at local marinas, docks, or yacht clubs.

With a background degree in micro-computer technology, Frank Majewski has created a unique curve with his smart-home technology knowledge and is able to customize plumbing jobs to meet client’s technological needs.

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