Villarreal Fine Jewelers Offer Free Routine Inspection

Villarreal Fine Jewelers, the finest custom jewelry design specialist in Austin, Texas

Villarreal Fine Jewelers, the finest custom jewelry design specialist in Austin, Texas, is now offering free routine inspections for cleaning jewelries. These inspections ensure that the gemstones remain in perfect condition.

Villarreal jewelers Austin TX conducts a thorough examination to detect broken or worn-out points and fragile clasps. They also look for damages in expensive watches, diamonds or strands of pearls.

Maintenance of Jewelry Pieces

Inspection of precious jewels is made by jewelers Austin TX to determine the required cleaning process and solutions. Standard inspection should be made on a regular basis just like cleaning. Keep in mind that there are many things that can damage and blemish jewelry. These are chemical substances that come from perfume, cologne, soap, lotion, and hairspray.

According to jewelers Austin TX, the key is to finish getting made up for an occasion before putting on precious necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Never swim with jewelry on. Chlorine, which is present in all swimming pools, can produce quick discoloration and impair these cherished possessions. On the other hand, salt water leads to fast corrosion. Even natural springs have extreme sulfur content that can tarnish gold rapidly.

Certified jewelers Austin TX recommend that buffing jewelry pieces using microcrystalline wax polish is effective. It forms a barrier between metal and air to prevent discoloration. Use a special form of cloth that is spongy and made for this purpose. This product has non-scratch very small abrasives that can clean all kinds of metal without the risk of damage. The substance also eliminates grease, fingerprints, grime and stains effectively.

Jewelers Austin TX tells buyers to take off all jewelry before performing manual tasks such as cleaning the house, gardening and washing the dishes. This can avert physical damage and exposure to harmful chemicals. Keep all valued items in airtight containers to prevent oxygen and chemicals from entering since these react to compounds and cause tarnishing.

Other Services of Villarreal

Villarreal Fine Jewelers are one of the most reputable and popular jewelers Austin TX. Aside from routine inspections, they also broker precious gems by taking on consignment and estate items from private persons. After this, Villarreal seeks out potential eligible buyers like dealers and collectors searching for pre-owned items.

As one of the prominent jewelers Austin TX, Villarreal Fine Jewelers employ highly skilled craftsmen who perform repairs of premium jewelry. “These proficient workers have acquired long years of experience as well as know-how in diamonds, gemstones and precious metals including gold, platinum and palladium,” according to Founder and Graduate Gemologist Joseph R. Villarreal.

Reliable appraisers of Villarreal Fine Jewelers possess more than two decades of industry experience with qualifications from esteemed industry organizations like the Gemological Institute of America and National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. These are renowned organizations that respected jewelers Austin TX belong to.

Villarreal Fine Jewelers is located at 7600 Burnet Road, #520, Austin Texas 78757. Visit the website at or call telephone numbers 512-231-8502 to learn more about the services and capabilities of these jewelers Austin TX.

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