Villa Orthodontics– A Prominent Richmond Firm– Reaches its 20th Year

A prominent orthodontist, Villa Orthodontics, firm in Richmond, Virginia, hits milestone as they celebrate 20 years in business.

Richmond, VA– Not everyone is born with perfectly straight teeth, but fortunately that is why orthodontists exist. These practitioners specialize in aligning and straightening teeth in order to give their patients the dazzling smiles they desire. Orthodontists go through an additional two to three years of training after dental school in order to practice this specialty. All of this time and effort is put forth in order to provide top-notch treatment to such a delicate, important part of a person’s anatomy and personality. Villa Orthodontics, headed by Dr. Richard Villa, is a facility that has been providing this high-quality treatment for twenty years with numerous rave reviews from the community.

A smile is the very first impression a person gives. It is a window into a person’s personality and emotions. When meeting for the first time, before anyone even says a word, the smiles have already spoken. That is why it is so important to make sure that people’s smiles give off a positive personable impression. Now being born with crooked teeth is not a permanent sentence. The difficult part is finding the right orthodontist.

It is not easy for orthodontists to build up positive reputations because of the complex and sensitive nature of their work. People don’t generally enjoy spending long periods of time with their mouths open, having their teeth poked and prodded. It is uncommon to hear people speak highly of a service that many view as undesirable or even frightening to begin with.

That is why it is quite impressive that Villa Orthodontics,, a Richmond, VA center, has been voted one of the best orthodontists in the area repeatedly. It is a testament to their dedication to patient satisfaction through affordable, reliable treatment in as enjoyable an environment as possible.

Richmond is a sizeable city, with a population of just under a quarter of a million people, so there are quite a few options for orthodontic treatment in the area. However, Villa Orthodontics continually garners a substantial amount of positive reviews and community support. They offer a variety of treatments including traditional braces in Richmond, VA. They also provide more modern procedures, such as Invisalign in Richmond. The firm even offers treatment plans for children as well as adults because it is never too late to work toward a better smile.

Finding superior Richmond orthodontics services like that of Villa Orthodontics will fix those smiles and give each person the fresh start they deserve.

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