Viking Telecom Solutions, Affordable Door Phone Entry System Product Launched

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Viking Telecom Solutions is offering affordable door phone and entry systems in Fountain Valley, CA, and surrounding areas. The aim is to enable clients to make their homes and businesses safer.

Viking Telecom Solutions, a telecom equipment sales and installation company based in Fountain Valley, California, has announced the launch of its affordable door phone and door entry systems for commercial and residential clients.

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The newly announced launch aims to enable clients to add safety and accessibility to their commercial and residential properties with affordable and quality door phone and door entry solutions.

Nowadays, door phones and door entry systems are a necessity. They provide convenience and security to homeowners and building residents. At Viking Telecom Solutions, clients can choose from a variety of door entry systems, including classic voice intercoms and modern VoIP-based audio and video communication devices.

Viking Telecom Solutions aims to provide a wide range of affordable and state-of-the-art door phones and door entry systems that fit the client’s specific needs whether it’s for commercial or residential use.

Door phones enable clients to hear and see who is at the door and simplify the process of granting access to the property. In case of an emergency, door phones can also be used to request help immediately. They are easy to integrate with any existing system that may already be in place.

With over 100 products in the door entry solutions category, Viking Telecom Solutions provides solutions for all door entry requirements. Clients can find simple proximity cards and proximity door entry solutions, and highly sophisticated ADA-compliant systems with color cameras.

The company aims to offer top-tier products for every budget. They have a vast selection of reliable and quality door phones that can enhance the security and accessibility of apartment complexes, businesses, and family homes.

Viking Telecom Solutions assures its clients that all door phones are built with strong, weatherproof casings to ensure the door entry systems last the test of time. Their goal is to provide their clients with utmost safety by developing products that integrate groundbreaking technology that will stay relevant for decades to come.

The latest launch is in line with the company’s long-standing commitment to providing affordable, quality, and reliable telecommunication and security solutions to clients’ commercial and residential needs.

Viking Telecom Solutions was founded in 1990 as a local business telephone equipment sales and installation company. Over the years they have expanded their line of products. They specialize in business phones and business phone systems from small to large companies, with phone systems for any application. Clients can find more information at

A spokesperson for the company said: “We are dedicated to providing businesses and individuals with low prices on telephones and business telephone systems, as well as other communications products for your home and office. Our engineers and technicians are knowledgeable and friendly.”

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