Vienna All Ages Handmade Clutch Bag Silk Heritage Party Season Design Launched

A new clutch bag, called the Judy Bag, has been launched by The Small Gatsby as the first accessory for all ages crafted by the company. It is made from precious silk and handcrafted as a reminiscence of Vienna’s heritage.

The Small Gatsby has launched a new Art Deco clutch bag made of pink silk and rich black, small enough to fit an iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhoneX while still looking elegant and chic. Made in the heart of Europe, it is a mother and daughter bag, limited edition, and offers customers the chance to keep their personal belongings in brilliant silk this party season.

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The site explains that it takes the most outstanding combination of handicraft, material and people to create the best fashion artefacts.

In the heart of Europe, quality meets mindfulness with The Small Gatsby, which prides itself on its high quality resources, skills, and services, and fosters innovation. Here, garments are created that are designed to be loved, and close to the skin.

With its “Classic Collection”, The Small Gatsby is introducing the essence of the brand, a timeless style for girls, boys, juniors and babies. The designs are created to offer pure, elegant and subtle options, with a deep level of luxury.

The site explains that The Small Gatsby’s garments are designed to be a statement: strong and sensual, mindful and genuine. The collection was introduced at a renowned Tokyo luxury department store this September, and is now available on the online store.

Teresa Zimmermann founded The Small Gatsby after her daughter was born in 2012. With her deep understanding of brand architecture, she created a new universe with a bold vision of artistic design, freedom of movement, and high quality fabric.

The company travels the world to find exceptional craftsmen to join its story, and only uses local materials to achieve the highest quality products available. Each garment is handcrafted, hand numbered, and only available in limited quantities.

The new Judy Bag is handcrafted in Vienna, and is the perfect evening bag for all ages. It is made of precocious dupion silk in deep contrasting shades.

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