VideoBuilder Todd Gross 2017 Animated 3D Avatar Explainer Video Maker Launched

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An innovative video animation app entitled VideoBuilder which offers marketers and business owners a range of quality life-like 3D avatars and a unique lip-sync technology to effortlessly create professional explainer videos that can captivate and engage an audience, has been launched.

VideoBuilder, an innovative all-in-one web video animation app with a unique automated ‘lip-sync’ technology which allows marketers and business to easily create the most professional 3D avatar explainer videos, has been launched.

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Explainer videos are a famously effective medium for marketers, brands and business owners to captive an audience and get a message across with recent studies naming video as the type of content with the highest ROI online and indicating that animated explainer videos can help increase conversion rates by up to 20%.

To help marketers and business owners effortlessly create the kind of professional animated 3D avatar explainer videos that can convey their message to the audience in a captivating and engaging manner, the popular developers Paul Ponna and Tod Gross have announced the launch of an innovative video animation app entitled VideoBuilder.

The premiere video creation app offers a range of quality life-like 3D avatars which can be made to convey any message with a next-gen text to speech engine that includes 47 different voices, accents or languages and an automated ‘lip-sync’ technology that adapts the lip movements of the 3D avatars to any audio file.

It also provides a variety of ready-to-use text effects, animations, transitions, intros, outros and a media library with images, videos or music which can be easily added to any video and allows users to upload their own green screen spokesperson videos or live-action elements into the app to create an entirely personalized animated avatar explainer video.

The VideoBuilder developers, Paul Ponna and Tod Gross, explain that “this is a groundbreaking video animation app that lets our fellow marketers and business owners bring their message to life with one our quality 3D avatars acting as their personalized spokesperson in a stunning HD explainer video that will captivate and engage an audience like no other video can.”

More information on the VideoBuilder app and its animation features, 3D avatars or in-build text effects, media, transitions and unique ‘lip-sync’ technology along with multiple examples of the 3D avatar explainer videos that can be created with the software and a demo on how to use its flexible animation video canvas be consulted at the website link provided above or at

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