Video Wave 2016 Mo Miah Video Creation Ranking Software Launched

Mo Miah just announced the 2016 launch of Video Wave, a video creation and ranking software that walks users through a 3 step process to rank for keywords, build high quality 3D animated videos and get first page rankings on Google and YouTube.

Video Wave, a 3 step video creation and ranking software launched by Mo Miah, walks users through identifying keywords that will rank high on Google and YouTube, building videos in 2D or 3D and driving traffic to their videos.

More information on the new software is available at:

Video has become a powerful way for businesses and organizations to communicate their brand story and build relationships with customers online. Video marketing online has captured a share of 92% of the top selling products in online digital marketing.

Including a video on a landing page has increased conversion rates by 80%. When deciding to purchase online, 90% of users say videos positively affect their decision process.

Video Wave eases video creation and distribution with a 3 step process for users by merging keyword research, video creation and driving traffic targeting a high return on sales.

The first step with the Video Wave software targets saving time on research. Users enter a keyword into the software, and it shows related keywords that rank high on YouTube and Google.

The software walks users through the second step with building videos. It includes a web-based Camtasia style video editor software that contains a text-to-speech engine with 8 languages, a YouTube video spinner, live in app “voice over” and “web cam recorder,” media library with royalty free images, audio and video footage to create videos in minutes and the ability to add text effects and transitions within the app.

Users have the ability to build 2D or 3D videos with the video creation software. It has a 3D Hollywood animation movie-style character maker with the ability to add “voice over” or “text to speech” to characters. It’s editable and customizable. Characters available were created in studio with “motion capture technology” so they look and feel life like.

The third step with the Video Wave software targets ranking, getting traffic. Users can upload videos to YouTube within the software and get it ranked by having it syndicated to top social bookmarks and video sharing sites. Also available is a SEO Catalyst application for users to utilize PBN’s to help with rankings.

More information on the Video Wave launch can be found at:

Release ID: 131220