Video Stating “Do Not Punch in a Street Fight” is Available to Watch, a self defense education YouTube channel, launched a short training video on the difference between punching with a closed fist and a open hand in a street fight. The video focuses on using the most effective strikes without getting injured in a street fight.

A self defense oriented YouTube channel named Code Red Defense, demonstrates efficient techniques that can be used for personal protection. The video clip named: Do Not Punch in a Street Fight, can be viewed today.

Street self defense is a topic that often comes up in the news. Sadly, too many people are victims of street fight attacks every day all around the world.

The tips shared in this instructional video, offer a great way to deal with street attackers. The self-defense instructor recommends to not punch in a street fight. Instead, he recommends to use open hands as effective strikes to defeat an attacker.

Punching with a closed fist often results in creating damage to the hand. A person defending himself can break his knuckles by hitting the head of his attacker because of its hard surface. Instead, using an open hand, will significantly reduce the risks of getting injured in a street fight, all while having a great effect as a strike.

When using the inside of the hand, it doesn’t cause much damage to the hand, unlike with punching that could lead to breaking the knuckles or other bones of the hand on the impact of the punch.

Furthermore, with a punch, all that can really done is a movement going back and forth, limiting the striking movements to go fast. On the other hand, striking with an open hand gives more options to follow up with other strikes such as elbow strikes and raking the eyes of the opponent.

In this self defense video, it’s also clear to see that with palm striking, a person defending himself has a much easier release from a passive stance and a much better follow through with the offense possibilities.

Having more possibilities with follow up strikes such as eye gouging, hair pulling, neck cranking, can certainly give a fair advantage to terminate the danger and survive the fight.

To sum up, a key principle to remember when caught up in a street fight is to not punch with a closed fist. This self defense tip might come in handy one day.

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