Video Sales Assistant New Video Marketing Service Now Available in Canberra

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Video Sales Assistant announced the availability of their customer connection and video marketing services in Canberra. This unique service optimises all the points where businesses are connecting with customers, and the internal processes at each of those points. More information is available at

Video Sales Assistant is a new video marketing service in Canberra, specialising in improving customer connection through processes and video. When asked about the new service, Kristina Coyne, Director of Video Sales Assistant explained “the market hasn’t seen anything quite like this before, at such an affordable price. The combination of video expertise and customer connection experience is unique. We look at all the points where the business is connecting with the customer, and internally what the business is doing at each of those points, and optimise them. We also use video to increase the strength and viability of those connections.”

Consumers active in the business marketing market will be interested to know that the services offered by Video Sales Assistant have been developed with business owners in mind.

For example, the flagship product: the Video Sales Assistant. Kristina Coyne said of the Video Sales Assistant “having a video sales assistant on your website is important because people connect with other people, not with text on a page. A video sales assistant feels like the website visitor is actually connecting with a real person, not just a webpage. This will be great news for our buyers because video sales assistants build a relationship of know, like and trust as soon as a visitor arrives on a website. Video sales assistants convert website visitors to customers.”

Businesses will also be able to have a full end-to-end review of their customer connection touchpoints. Kristina Coyne explained why this is necessary for businesses of all sizes and stages. “Many businesses aren’t familiar with the customer buying process, and how to provide relevant information to the customer at each point through that process. This review looks at the business through the lens of the customer, and optimises each of those points to increase sales. Business owners should be pleased with this since they want to increase their sales, and do it using less staff time.”

And once businesses have their customer touchpoints working effectively, and their internal processes working more efficiently, there is no better way to connect even more with customers than using video. Video Sales Assistant offers a number of other video marketing services for business owners. This is critical to business success because video is one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers, through all stages of the customer buying process. Customers should enjoy this particularly, as business can have better return on investment using video.

Kristina Coyne, Director of Video Sales Assistant, when asked about the use of video marketing said “video marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of content on the internet. This is because it engages customers in multiple ways – visually you’ve got something to look at, you can hear a person speaking or other audio, and there’s movement to keep you interested. All in all, it’s the best way to keep people’s attention, and to communicate information to them.”

Those interested in learning more about how Video Sales Assistant can help business owners can do so on the business website at

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