Video Rubix Neil Napier 2016 Beginner Video Editing Tips Online Course Launched

A new video editing and production course has been launched that shows people how to use the most popular video editing products on the market today. In the course, Cham Altatis goes covers how to use these products step by step.

A new online course has launched that goes through the most popular video editing software available to users and how to use each program to produce professional looking videos. The problem with many video editing programs is that, although they are often very powerful, they don’t come with much information on how to use them. In VideoRubix, Cham Altatis explains how to get the most out of each piece of software and showcases the information in an easy to understand way.

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The website explains that, since the rise of online videos, there have been various “easy-to-use” video creation programs sold online, such as VideoMakerFX, EasySketch Pro, Explaindio, EasyVSL, and others. But while the developers of these programs often say that people will easily be able to create great looking videos without using complicated software, and that their programs can be used by beginners, they’re often difficult to use without prior video editing knowledge.

Cham goes on to suggest that the most important aspect of any video is the video maker’s skill, not the program they use. While many video editing programs make bold claims, the first thing an aspiring video maker should do is build up a base level of editing prowess before undertaking a large project. Cham’s VideoRubix course aims to help increase students’ video editing knowledge.

Cham has been editing videos since 2006, and has worked in the professional video editing world on projects ranging from a local TV station to a wedding and event video production company. In 2012, he began the process of offering video creation services online, and created videos for business owners around the world. Now he works as a video editor and designer while still offering video services as a freelancer.

The VideoRubix site outlines what people can expect to discover when they take the course, which is explained as being especially useful for marketers and salespeople. The course relays practical advice rather than theory, and outlines how to use the most popular video programs on a step-by-step basis

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