Video Reviews for Medical Practice Growth – Online Reputation Marketing Launched

Top Line Management has launched a new service to help medical practice managers use the advantages of video reviews from customers for business growth. Practicefuel® is aimed at dentists, chiropractors, orthodontists, and others within the medical field.

The newly launched service reflects the fact that video reviews are growing in popularity because of the rise of social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram. This trend is likely to continue, which is why Top Line Management is urging brands to embrace video technology and software to help them get ahead.

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Aside from helping medical practices reach a wider audience, the new service can enhance the practice’s reputation online. Practicefuel® helps managers leverage the internet to promote their practice, whether they are looking to take on new patients or want to increase their visibility.

An informative video has been produced to explain the new service. It includes practical insights such as the fundamentals for online success – a website that works. It also includes an element that many business owners do not consider, which is their real-time reputation.

The reputation of a company can be enhanced by proactive and positive communications online. This includes securing and using positive customer reviews alongside social media. Practicefuel® is supported by research that states video is one of the most powerful mediums for testimonials. Those who watch reviews can relate to the person they see.

In the past, it may have been daunting for business owners to collect video reviews because of the technology required. It was expensive to create high-quality reviews, and they rarely generated a return on investment, as many consumers found them inauthentic and unnatural.

As part of the new service, individuals can scan a QR code via their phone and leave a review at home. Showing testimonials from clients at home creates authenticity that potential prospects can believe. The speed of technology today means companies can now upload the video to their website and share it across social media.

In addition, companies can use these videos to create adverts. The benefits of this are the fact many social media platforms now have buying and selling options to help brands generate sales.

A company spokesperson said: “The nine-step system will show you everything you need to know to use the internet to grow your practice.”

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