Video Resume Platform Intro30 helps Students find Internships

The value of the video resume for emerging talent and those on the customer front line. Also for companies struggling to find talent - this is the most efficient way to recruit., the first Free Video Resume Platform is helping students find internships. They have been demonstrating the power of Video Resumes for emerging talent by working directly with the Marin Builders Association Construction Corps

The case study also made it obvious that companies find it useful to meet emerging talent with video resumes. This is especially helpful for candidates without long resumes full of experience. The candidate’s selling points are around their personality: commitment, reliability, and energy – none of which are demonstrated on a resume. owner Ellie Dailey says there are many people looking for staff right now, and with Video Resumes as the most efficient way to recruit, the hiring managers get that vital first impression and can move quickly to set up an interview.

One candidate in particular, doesn’t speak much English, doesn’t have much experience, but he was able to show his positive attitude and was snapped up by a construction company looking for positive, energetic and happy employees.

Employees can be taught the skills and the tech, but we can’t teach grit, resilience and turning up on time. has been working with its prototype platform for a few years and is currently fundraising to build a more robust app and grow to be of wider use to students and grads with a target demographic of 16-25 year olds in the F&B, retail and sales space.

As video resumes become more and more mainstream, and the appetite from candidates is clear, creating a safe, professional environment where candidates can create their 30-second narrative to meet employers is vital.

We are all so much more than just our resumes.

Intro30 is currently free for all users -clients and candidates – and more information is available at was founded in 2017 and serves the Video Resumes for Recruiting industry. It is known for Getting Candidates Seen, Heard & Hired.

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