Video Production: Affordable Business Video

The challenge of producing high quality marketing videos at an affordable price has led ROIGROUP to develop their new Products and Services Video Production service, allowing their clients to get a professional looking video that's focused on a unique marketing message.

It’s clear that the web favors video as one of the most effective ways to deliver a message. Online videos provide information efficiently and can create a more memorable and powerful experience for a viewer. They’re also incredibly versatile, appearing everywhere from high-traffic streaming media sites like YouTube and Facebook, to all different types of websites, blogs, and apps. Their prevalence has fortified their popularity among many different demographics, including marketers and business owners. More and more companies, large and small, understand that they need online video to be a priority in their content creation efforts, but the question of expense and production options can easily dampen enthusiasm for video as a marketing tool.

There are many affordable business video production options out there for companies that have a tight marketing budget. There are even DIY options that allow for video creation using basic programs—many of which even come preinstalled on most computer operating systems. However, these tools can be limiting when it comes to professional-looking video production, especially for companies that don’t have a lot of time or resources to devote to in-house video shoots, editing, and distribution. There are a number of apps that are both low cost and quick to use, but they commonly feature limited editing options, clip-art and cartoons, and other elements that do not lend themselves to a polished and powerful marketing message for a professional company.

The growing popularity and impact of online video and the lack of affordable but professional-looking production options led online marketing company, ROIGROUP, to develop a new video marketing solution for their clients in B2B and local marketplaces. ROIGROUP’s Product and Services Video Production solves the problem of getting a high quality online video that’s focused, features a professional spokesperson and quality graphics, and is easy to distribute for online marketing. The service is also available at a price that just about any company can afford. ROIGROUP’s Products and Services Video Production better enables their clients to compete in their marketplace online and spread the word about how their products and services benefit the user.

Products and Services Videos are now available to order through ROIGROUP’s website. To begin the process, customers only need to complete a basic questionnaire with some essential information about their company and the solutions they offer. Customers have the option of submitting their own script to be read by a live, professional video spokesperson, or providing some additional information that ROIGROUP will use to create a custom script that’s focused on a unique marketing message. Once production is complete, customers then own an HD quality video that is theirs to easily post on their website, social media pages, and other places online.

Products and Services Video Production from ROIGROUP has been developed to be affordable and to suit companies that want to create one or a series of high quality online videos without exhausting their marketing budget. Samples of ROIGROUP’s Product and Service Videos, pricing, and detailed information on video elements and production are available on ROIGROUP is now accepting orders for Product and Services Video Production at a limited beta price through their website.

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