Video Pal Todd Gross 2016 Animated Virtual Spokesperson Maker Software Launched

The VideoPal, a revolutionary website ‘talking head’ software allowing users to easily create and add the most advanced, stunning and customized 2D and 3D animated or human video hosts with any message they want to their websites, blogs or e-stores, has been launched.

A groundbreaking software suite, entitled Video Pal, which allows anyone to easily create and add the best 2D or 3D animated and human video spokespersons or ‘talking heads’ to their websites, e-commerce stores or even blogs, has been launched.

More information is available at

The new VideoPal software suite is the latest in website ‘talking head’ technology idealized and developed by Todd Gross and Paul Ponna to allow anyone with any level of technical experience be able to use the most advanced and stunning animated or human video hosts/spokespersons to revolutionize the way they welcome, engage, impress and sell to their website, blog or e-store visitors.

The software suite combines a broad range of ready-made 2D or 3D animated and human characters with the most advanced text-to-speech engine available in 24 different languages to allow users to create and add to their website, e-store or blog the most advanced animated or human spokespersons (video pals) conveying any visitor engagement, conversion or sales message they want.

In addition, users can upload their own green screen or ‘solid background’ videos and convert them into fully customized ‘video pals’ within seconds. Both the customized and the done-for-you video pals are mobile compatible and can be combined with call-to-action buttons, opt-in forms, countdown timers, coupon codes or text on top of the character.

Demo videos and more information on the VideoPal software and its unique range of 2D or 3D and human character/video host suite, its ‘futuristic’ text-to-speech technology or its custom ‘video pal’ creation along with the visitor engagement, conversion or sales benefits it can deliver websites, blogs and e-commerce stores in any niche are available at the website link provided above or at

The VideoPal developers explain that “this is the world’s most revolutionary software suite with the most stunning and wide selection of animated and human spokespersons (video pals) to be added to any website. The customers can create and add their video pals saying absolutely anything they want in less than 30 seconds with no technical experience and start instantly seeing the difference in their visitor engagement, conversions or sales.”

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