Video Matrix James Knight 2017 Social Media Live-Streaming Software Launched

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Video Matrix, a new marketing tool designed to help businesses live-stream and syndicate content across social media platforms, was recently launched by James Knight. The software also features an instant contact tool to help businesses build strong lists and email campaigns.

Video Matrix is a new marketing software recently launched by James Knight. The cloud-based app program is a fully-automated social media live-streaming and syndication campaign builder.

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Video Matrix is a new social media tool to assist businesses with live-streaming. The program is user-friendly, and lets users choose from many different forms of social media to create and schedule posts. The software is easy to navigate and follows a direct step-by-step process. Users upload the text, image, or video, choose the platform or platforms that they want to share it on, and then stream it automatically and syndicate it to all accounts.

Users can stream on Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, Pinterest, FaceBook, Instagram, Delicious, and Blogger Medium. The program also lets users check on the status and progress of all their campaigns.

The syndication tool is designed for live-stream videos and it helps to rank videos and get them to reach top spots in search engines. The built-in syndication creates active campaigns and allows users to validate the post after the streaming is complete. Additionally, the campaign report gives a detailed analysis of the campaign reach.

The program also features an “instant contact” tool. Users set the parameters to check websites, group pages, or business accounts to see if specific emails are listed. The emails can then be set to be imported into the mailing program so that each email listed is included on future email campaigns. This allows users to use Video Matrix, to scrape, find, email, and sell. This feature is particularly beneficial for local marketers because it allows them to search for specific keywords and locations.

Also included are the video ranking tools to help marketers keep their videos trending and ranking. Additionally, customers can also attain this package with an included video editor program that helps them to create professional videos without prior editing experience. The limited time offer will be available during the product’s initial launch.

Video Matrix is designed to create lasting rankings and social metrics, better clicks and conversions, as well as more sales. For more information on Video Matrix, visit

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