Video Marketing Revolutionised by New WordPress Monetization Video Plugin

WordPress bloggers are now able to get a greater return on their time investment by using Video Overplay. The latest video plugin tool from Wildfire Concepts allows videos to become Fully Interactive!

WordPress bloggers have long sought was to monetize their blogs and provide some payback for the effort they put into them. Video marketing is a concept that has been assuming an ever growing importance in and now that is about to be totally revolutionized by a new high-tech video plugin.

Wildfire Concepts is delighted and excited to announce the release of their latest product – Video Overplay. The owner of Wildfire Concepts, Cindy Battye has been working with her developers on the product for a long while. She describes the response she has received from the Beta Testers who have been fortunate enough to obtain an evaluation copy as “Simply Incredible”, with no negative feedback from their site visitors and significantly increased sales.

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What Video Overplay does is to empower the blog owner by enabling him or her to add in Fully Interactive videos into their posts – either videos they have created themselves, or other people’s videos embedded from sites such as YouTube. So instead of a normal video that the visitor simply watches, the videos can now include items such as:

* Call-to-action buttons

* Interactive opt-in forms (available for all auto-responders)

* HTML banner ads

* Social Media sharing buttons

* Sales Funnel creation

So now, once the visitor’s attention has been grabbed, the blogger has the opportunity to quickly add them to their list, direct them to a one-time-offer, start an interactive information gathering process, invite them to share the post on Facebook and so on. The possibilities are limited only by imagination.

Furthermore, what is displayed on the video can be controlled by external factors such as visitor demographic, making it an even more fine tuneable tool.

Video Overplay will be going live on Sunday July 19th 2015 and WordPress bloggers will be excited to learn that it’s going to (initially) be priced at a very affordable $17. A report detailing the capabilities of Video Overlay is available.

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