Video Marketing Getting Top Google Ranking In Local Markets

Ramsey Media LLC. has updated their Video Marketing and Local Ranking services to provide impressive Google search results for new customers as well existing ones. Further information can be found on their website or call (954) 794-8669 for details on how to get started.

Ramsey Media LLC. is now offering Video Marketing to local businesses looking for for page one Google rankings. The use of engaging media platforms such as video has now caught the attention of Google and customers are enjoying the benefits. Local businesses can now take full advantage of Google’s preference of videos by utilizing this new Video Production and Ranking offer from Ramsey Media LLC. Ramsey Media LLC. has implemented several new elements to their Video Marketing and Ranking System resulting in Page one search results on Google. This new service is designed to benefit both new and existing customers. Video is capturing and engaging the attention of their prospects on Google search results better than anything else currently available.

Ramsey Media LLC. can create a customized video for a small local business and optimize it so as to come out on page one of Google search results in a given local market. Ramsey Media has been able to do this by adding key SEO techniques designed to develop, create and then promote the new video to page one of Google search results. In some cases they’ve seen their efforts result in over-sized video at the top of page one of Google. This over sized video can give a very unique dominance of Google search results.

To take full advantage of this new local marketing advantage using Video Marketing & Ranking, business owners can visit Ramsey Media’s website at for full details. One can also see example of the videos on Ramsey Media’s new YouTube channel at…

Ramsey Media LLC. is excited to unveil the latest benefits to current and new customers who are looking to increase their business’ exposure on Google. These powerful Video Marketing and Ranking systems aren’t limited to Google search results. They are also used throughout Social Media outlets such as Facebook. One can see various examples of this on the Ramsey Media Facebook page located here:

On this subject, Pete Ramsey, President at Ramsey Media said: “Our video marketing is giving our clients a unique advantage over their competition by placing a video thumbnail with a customized cover page on page one of Google. This allows our clients’ message to stand out on a way that has never been done before. The results are driving the vast majority of Google searchers to our customer’s websites and ultimately into their places of business. When we combine Social Media such as Facebook into the mix, the synergy to be had is tremendous.”

Ramsey Media LLC. has made a point of listening to their customers and taking feedback wherever possible. They reportedly do this because there is no better way to improve an offering than to ask the customer directly where their day to day challenges are and what would make their business easier to operate.

Having been in business now for over 2 years now, Ramsey Media LLC. is a preferred vendor of Cynosure and the Monalisa Touch Laser system. They have been using the new video marketing and ranking techniques to strives to give local marketing dominance to their clients in a way that is unique and powerful. Creating dominance in a client’s local market online is very doable since most competitive small businesses don’t have the know how nor the resources to properly compete in these markets. Such dedication to these markets can make a huge impact on one’s business. Ramsey Media LLC. uses services such as their Video Marketing and Ranking System to help these clients become known in their markets as a constantly improving business, a reliable business and a business that treats their customers like they wish to be treated..

Interested parties who would like to be among the first to experience the Video Marketing & Ranking with Ramsey Media LLC. are encouraged to visit the website or call (954) 794-8669 for full details on how to get started.

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