Video Kedavra Maftuch JM 2016 Cinematic Engagement Boosting Software Launched

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Video Kedavra has launched, helping businesses in any niche to create powerful videos to suit their needs. These videos can boost engagement, increase brand awareness and boost sales.

A new video creation software has been launched by Maftuch JM, called Video Kedavra. It helps to make it easier than ever before to create powerful and engaging videos, meaning site owners without any editing and filming knowledge can create highly entertaining and interesting videos to advertise their business, their products and their services.

More information can be found at:

The site explains that Video Kedavra allows users to create cinematic level visuals with video templates that make it easy and simple to create videos that sell. The software comes with a number of different themes, which allows businesses to captivate their audiences in new ways.

Through using the video creation program, anyone can build cinematic level videos using just PowerPoint, without the complications of other video editors or plugins. This lowers the entry level and allows any business to create videos to suit their needs.

Video marketing has become the most potent tool in today’s marketing climate. And what’s more, it is only going to get more popular. Research shows that 61% of businesses today use videos in their marketing, and 66% of this selection did not use video a year ago.

The reason for the injection in use is because videos are proven to increase engagement and boost sales. This is because videos present the company in a new, authoritative and trustworthy way.

Each video allows businesses to build a relationship with their audience, encouraging customers to stick around on the website, but also encouraging them to turn from a visitor into a customer.

Research also shows that video is cost effective and has a strong ROI, making it a potent tool to harness for businesses in any niche. This is again because videos build trust, and when a customer trusts a business, they are more likely to buy and to return with repeat business.

Full details of how Video Kedavra can benefit businesses in any niche can be found on the URL above, with additional information available at:

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