VIDEO: Explosives Used to Break into Machine during ATM Robbery, Thieves Caught on HD Camera

On August 13th, two individuals used explosives to blow up an ATM machine kiosk at a Chevron gas station in San Diego. On October 5th, one of the suspects was arrested and is now facing Federal charges. Check out the video that helped the Federal authorities locate him.

On August 13, 2017, two criminals drove their SUV up to a Chevron Gas Station in the 9600 block of Miramar Road. The store, which is located right across the street from the Marine Corps Air Station, featured an outdoor ATM Kiosk.

The suspects, shown in the video, start by backing up into a parking space close to the ATM. One of the suspects approaches the ATM with a drill, before returning to the SUV for his next tool. The suspect then returns with a hose, filling the ATM with some sort of liquid. At 3:34, the second suspect inserts what appears to be a fuse and ignites it with what seems to be a cigarette. The suspects move the car to stay clear of the explosion and then are seen coming back to look for the cash box that was once inside.

ATM explosive attacks have slowly been making their way across seas to the US. The attack is a very hazardous one, presenting a real danger and risk to the ATM, the cash inside, surrounding property, and, most importantly, innocent bystanders. Recent events in California, including the explosion in San Diego County, have proven that this method has officially gone global, however, prevention methods have already been established in South Africa due to the number of bombings that have already occurred there. Shockwave dye-stain technology has helped reduce the number of bombings as well as the implementation of bomb-resistant structures made to surround the ATM.

With the experience gained from this attack, ATM Depot is better equipped to help their customers and IADs.

On September 28, Authorities were able to issue a subpoena at the home of Scott Michael Petri. The FBI stated information obtained in the HD video was very crucial to their investigation.

Upon serving a subpoena at the suspect’s home, Law enforcement authorities say they found a drill, a gas cylinder, clothing and other incriminating evidence that matched the items in the surveillance video during the crime.

Scott Michael Petri faces multiple charges including use of an explosive to damage property. The suspect was picked up and booked on October 5th and transferred into Federal custody. He is being held in the Federal Prison in Downtown San Diego by the ATF.

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