Video Doorbell Anti-Theft System Protecting Vehicles from Burglaries Launched

The dFence D3 Anti-Theft System protects vehicles from burglaries using cutting-edge GPS tracking, glass break alarm and IR camera technology.

Innovative Aftermarket Group, Inc. (IAG) today announced the nationwide launch of its d3 complete vehicle surveillance system, which delivers capabilities never before seen in the automotive industry. The d3 system, like other products in IAG’s dFence® product line, is sold exclusively through automobile and truck dealers.

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“FBI statistics show that the number of car thefts in 2020 grew by almost 10% to the highest number we’ve seen in over a decade,” said Tony Avila, IAG founder, and CEO. He added that there were even more thefts of personal property from parked vehicles, making it more common than shoplifting or any other type of larceny. “With what’s going on in America’s streets and neighborhoods today, the d3 system is arriving not a moment too soon. It essentially is to vehicles what video doorbells are to homes.”

The d3 system consists of three key components:

GPS tracking. The moment a vehicle armed with d3 system is moved from wherever it was parked, the owner will receive a text notification. They can then activate a high-intensity strobe to deter the thief. If the vehicle is stolen, the d3 app can track the vehicle’s movement in real-time. A link can also be shared with law enforcement, enabling them to recover the vehicle within minutes.

Glass break alarm. Conventional vehicle alarms sound when a door is opened, but not when a window is broken. Only the d3 system sounds a piercing alarm the instant a window is broken. The d3 app also texts the owner an alert notifying them of the broken window and offers the option of remotely activating a high-intensity strobe to further deter the thief.

Camera. The instant the thief reaches into or sits down in the front seat, the d3’s Bluetooth camera repeatedly takes photos of the thief and transmits them to the owner. These can help law enforcement apprehend and prosecute the thief.

The d3 app also has an SOS option that lets the owner quickly transmits pictures of occupants inside the vehicle with location, speed and designated contacts with one touch of a button in the event of an emergency. Additionally, the end-user can send an “ultrabright” Strobe inside the vehicle as an added theft deterrent.

The d3 system offers many benefits for vehicle dealers. It installs in under 5 minutes, lets the dealer track the location of all lot vehicles, and sends an alert if one is broken into or moved. The d3 app also lets dealers increase service revenues by contacting customers when service is due and advertising special offers.

The d3 system is broadly supported throughout by country by 4G LTE coverage. A coverage map can be accessed at

For additional information, contact Colin Avila at or (877) 842-4477.

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