Video Creation and Ranking Service for Snow Removal Companies Starts Immediately

Norene Broyton announced the availability of her new Video Creation and Ranking service for snow removal companies beginning immediately. More information can be found at

Video Creation and Ranking Snow and Ice Removal Companies looking for an affordable way to market online, will now be able to choose a Video Creation and Ranking service within the Ninja Video Mojo department. Today Norene Broyton, manager, released details of the new Video Creation and Ranking Service.

The Video Creation and Ranking Service is designed to appeal specifically to Snow Removal Companies and includes:

Video Creation – This new service was included because it has been shown that, in general, people prefer to watch videos than to read sales pages. Engaging videos typically draw the person in, help them to see themselves in the service or product being offered, and lead more quickly to a sale. This is great news for both the consumer and the company, as snow removal businesses will be able to set themselves up to be found online by those looking for their services.

Video Ranking – This was made part of the service, as it will help the snow removal company with brand awareness and marketing.

Multiple Listings in the Search Engines – Ms. Broyton made sure to make this part of the Video Creation and Ranking service, because having a video ranked on page one of the search engines is just the start. “Having videos listed for hundreds of search terms is what we aim to do. Snow removal clients of the Video Creation and Ranking service will likely appreciate this because by creating a large footprint online, the company is more apt to be found. Video thumbnails stand out among the text listings, and since people enjoy watching videos, the listings are more likely to be clicked on and viewed.”

Ms. Broyton, when asked about the Video Creation and Ranking service said:

“The more real estate you can have online, the better. We are able to give snow removal companies a vast amount of online real estate affordably.”

This is the latest offering from Norene Broyton and she is particularly excited about this launch because the service levels the playing field for small businesses. “They no longer need a large budget to be found online.”

Those interested in learning more about the Video Creation and Ranking service should visit the website at

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