Video Conferencing Secure Web-Based Software Webinar Conference App Launched

Internet MegaMeeting (877-634-6342), an online software company based in Encino, has launched its professional web-based conferencing software solution that can be used on all major operating systems by companies to safely conduct online meetings.

Internet MegaMeeting, an internet software company based in Encino, California, has announced the launch of its web conferencing app for companies to conduct meetings online on any major operating system without any interruption.

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With the latest announcement, the company aims to provide video conferencing solutions for companies and entrepreneurs interested in organizing online meeting without downloading video conference software.

Internet MegaMeeting has launched MegaMeeting, a 100% browser-based solution that uses WebRTC secure software powered by a modern and sophisticated software stack. The app can be accessed via any standard SSL-based connection from any device on any operating system. Companies and business people can conduct online training and seminars for their employees. They can also use it to conduct business matters, including product demonstrations, with their clients and prospects.

The web-based video conferencing solution features an end to end encryption to keep the connection between clients safe from malware or other technical vulnerabilities. Clients of the browser-based conferencing app can share presentations and files during the remote connection to other devices.

Internet MegaMeeting has a built-in invitation system that invites guests to join the meeting via a private link sent to their email or messaging service. The app features a secure conference tool that includes HD video services and peer-to-peer facilities. It also provides clients with services like VOIP audio and teleconferencing that feature HD audio for web users, and also includes a conference call bridge for phone users.

The web-based video conferencing app allows clients to share the screen of their desktop or an application window from their computers with each other. The app features breakout rooms that allow clients to move users between meeting rooms to hold separate conversations between themselves. Clients can also record their meetings and download the recorded materials for future reference.

The latest app has been created to suit companies that are looking forward to holding seminars or conferences online. It includes features such as webinar web conferencing, presentations, attendee registration, waiting room, video player, and a chat tool service that can aid companies to carry out seminars on a large scale.

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