VidEntice Ali G 2017 YouTube Dailymotion Video CTA Overlay Software Announced

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The highly anticipated video call to action overlay software VidEntice, which helps marketers and business owners with any level of technical skill easily add interactive and engaging calls to action in the favorite YouTube or Dailymotion videos, has been launched.

VidEntice, an innovative and unique video call to action overlay software allowing marketers to easily add engaging, interactive and personalized call to action elements to any YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion videos with just a few clicks, has been launched.

More information is available at

Video has established itself as one of the most popular and effective ways for marketers and business owners to grab their prospects’ attention, get their message out and compel them to act with a number of recent studies indicating it’s the type of content with the highest ROI and the best impact on brand reputation and purchase intent.

To help marketers and business owners with any level of technical skill be able to take advantage of the engagement and conversion potential of video marketing, the prominent software developers Ali G, Muhammad Ali and Gary Alach announced the launch of an intuitive and easy to use video call to action overlay software entitled VidEntice.

The new software allows its users to select their favorite videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion and easily add clickable, engaging and interactive calls to action with their own personalized copy and scarcity timers, banners, opt-in forms, Skype or mobile call options and variety of other elements to their video with just a few clicks.

More information on the new VidEntice software and the variety of interactive calls to action and elements it allows its users to add to their favorite videos or details on the range of engagement and conversion benefits it can offer along with a valuable product demo showcasing its intuitive interface are available at the website link provided above or at

The VidEntice developers explain that “this software grew out of a need to have highly engaging call to action elements on a video itself to get viewers to take action right then and there. It’s the only software of its kind and it does all the work for us. With just a few click of the mouse, marketers and business owners with any level of technical skill can set up their calls to action all in the right place and start really leveraging the power of video with instant engagement.”

Release ID: 210310