Videlation Charismatic Characters Shelley Penney 2D SWF Animated Assets Launched

A new animation product, entitled VidElation Charismatic Characters, providing 1040+ studio quality animated characters representing real businesses and everyday people, from barbers to attorneys, coupled with professional backgrounds and props, in static and animated format as well as color and whiteboard ready black and white.

VidElation Charismatic Characters, an animated characters package with over 1040 professional style elements in both color and whiteboard ready black & white to help easily create videos and presentations with studio quality animations, has been launched.

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The VidElation Charismatic Characters is an animated characters product developed by Shelley Penney and Niranjan Pradhan to help online marketers or business owners easily explore the potential of animated videos and characters for their website, promotional or marketing materials and business presentations on their own.

The premier animation product features more than 1040 studio quality assets, including 200 character animations comprised of 10 characters representing real businesses and ‘everyday people’ with 10 different animated poses along with 10 professional animated and static backgrounds and 20 animated and static props/tools, in color and whiteboard ready black & white.

The characters, backgrounds and props, ranging from a male and female attorney animated set to mechanics, hair dresser, barber, housecleaners or locksmith characters, and more, are provided in SWF, MOV and GIF as well as static PNG version to allow for simple integration with any website and ensure compatibility with all video or presentation and graphics or animations making software, including PowerPoint.

More information on the VidElation Charismatic Characters and the 1040+ studio quality elements, including a full list of the characters, backgrounds and props provided, along with details on its compatibility and usability can be consulted on the website link provided above or at

The developers, Shelley Penney and Niranjan Pradhan, explain that “it’s hard coming up with fresh content for animated videos, especially marketers or small business owners just trying to make a good video that will help their business grow. The problem is, good animated assets that represent real businesses and everyday people aren’t easy to find, especially without costly and time-consuming outsourcing”.

They add that “our product is a studio quality animated characters package with all assets coming in animated and static versions in color but also in whiteboard black and white versions virtually compatible with any software for videos and presentations out there that can be easily used on websites, PowerPoint or to make just about any video the users want”.

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