VidBullet vs Camtasia: Alternative Online Video Creator Platform Features & Cost

Chris Munch from PressCable announced the launch of the private access to the beta version of VidBullet. VidBullet is an automated video creation software that allows users to create fast a massive number of professionally looking videos.

Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz announced the launch of the beta version of VidBullet, a powerful automated online video creating platform and a great alternative to Camtasia. VidBullet allows website owners, ecommerce brands, affiliate marketers, advertisers and bloggers to create unlimited number of high-quality engaging videos in 3 minutes flat.

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Camtasia has been recognized as a highly intuitive software for creating more complex videos that require much editing, transitions, cuts, and audio work. The end result is good for live presentations and demonstrations. Nevertheless, Camtasia takes a lot of time to put a single video together and to make it look professional.

Meanwhile, VidBullet is a 100% automated video creation software.

Chris Munch shares, “VidBullet is a multi-purpose video creation tool that saves countless headaches and a great deal of money. The platform delivers great results in just a couple of minutes. The highly engaging video format effectively attracts traffic from YouTube and other sites for any niche.”

The site explains that VidBullet is a cloud-based video maker software which means there is no need to install anything on the computer to use the video platform. VidBullet allows users to create and automatically publish a massive number of professionally looking videos.

Munch explained that the VidBullet videos can be used for announcing a new product, showcasing physical e-commerce products, making social media ads, advertising local businesses and deals, and for promoting an affiliate offer.

Moreover,the VidBullet platform comes with an optional distribution and a rich library of stunning templates which help users to grab and keep the attention of their target audience. VidBullet also enables users to brand their videos with their own logos.

The company is constantly working on improving the video creation platform and plans to introduce more templates, more images and sounds so that users can have a wide choice of media for their creative projects.

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