Victoria Remedial Massage Improve Wellbeing Service Launched

A new remedial massage service has been launched by Multicare Tactile Therapies in Victoria, Australia. They pride themselves on high quality service and help to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

A leading Victoria, Australia based massage specialist has launched a new remedial massage service for local patients. Multicare Tactile Therapies is known for its high quality service, with massage and muscle therapies to improve wellbeing.

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The team at Multicare Tactile Therapies says that there are many physical and emotional health benefits achieved through their newly launched remedial massage services. These include improved muscle strength, muscle toning, and protection around the joints that helps to protect them against degeneration and injury.

Some of the benefits of remedial massage include maintaining natural flexibility, mobility and body balance. Patients will also find that it’s an advanced pain management therapy.

Additional benefits include improving posture, reducing risk of injury, and aiding the performance of everyday tasks. This means that patients can get in touch to improve their physical and mental sense of wellbeing.

By getting remedial massages, patients can improve their body image, mood, self esteem and confidence. This can have a run-on effect both in their work and personal life.

Remedial massage can help to locate and repair the damaged areas of the body. In this way, it also speeds up the body’s natural healing processes.

Multicare Tactile Therapies explains that the goal of their massage service is to identify painful muscles and reduce that pain. This can be achieved through reducing muscle spasm and contraction.

The team will also work to restore and maintain muscle structure, increase blood and oxygen circulation, and improve flexibility.

They state: “By increasing blood and oxygen circulation, improved muscle structure will occur, and the body will be able to utilize optimal energy levels preventing muscular fatigue. It will reduce upper and lower back pain by merely standing in a more balanced way. And increase your flexibility, strength, and Range of movement.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above.

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