Vicious Graphic Mascot Creator Patria Gani 2016 User Engagement Tool Launched

Patria Gani has announced the launch of a new digital character design tool for business owners and individuals. Users are given a drag and drop build template that can be fully customized and saved in HD resolution.

A new brand enhancement tool has launched that allows business owners to create unique mascots through a simple builder tool and apply them to their website, branding and marketing campaigns to increase user engagement. Called Vicious Graphic Mascot Creator, it offers unlimited customization options rendered in full HD resolution, helping businesses in any niche to improve the look and feel of their websites and products.

More information can be found on the Vicious Graphic Mascot Creator website at:

The site explains that the product was created by Patria Gani, an experienced designer who wanted to come up with a toolkit for industry professionals and individual users to create mascots for their business in an easy to use way.

The Vicious Graphic Mascot Creator makes use of a drag and drop builder, ensuring that even users without any previous experience in design work or graphic creation can build their own mascot, with completely unique features for their own individual business.

Each mascot can be created with a wide range of gestures, and over 100 variations of pose, which allows users to make a character for any situation on their website. Examples are given on the Vicious Graphic Mascot Creator site, showing how they can help to make a product unique, easy to remember, and help ensure customers are happy.

The site underscores that paying for an experienced graphic designer to draw a mascot from scratch can be unnecessarily expensive. Vicious Graphic Mascot Designer was created with the user’s budget in mind, so any business owner can design their own characters without fuss, and without paying expensive fees.

It goes on to say that the product’s mascots are created in layers, so they can be customized to the user’s content. A full guide is provided on the Vicious Graphic Mascot Designer site, showing how users can choose from different expressions, styles and colors to add their own personal touch to each design. They can then be saved as full print quality designs, available in PSD and PNG format.

More information is provided at:

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