Vibration Machines – Review Group Launches Dedicated Brand

CWGLive, a consumer product review group, announced the launch of KnockYourVibe, its dedicated online channel reviewing whole body vibration machines. The group expects a daily viewership of nearly a thousand readers and researchers, and believes it will impact around 5% of the commercial market segment.

CWGLive, a consumer product review group, announced the launch of a dedicated web portal that aims to review whole body vibration machines. The newly launched portal has been named KnockYourVibe, following the trend of names that the earlier brands launched by the group, namely KnockYourLife and KnockYourHealth, had set. This launch comes nearly a year after the group had created an expanded online quiz with personally assisted results, for assessing the vibration requirements of potential customers. The group has been in the vibration machine review group for nearly half a decade now.

Addressing the internal CWGLive team for launch, the owner of CWGLive, Sudeshna Dey, was quoted saying, “The launch of KnockYourVibe is an exciting moment for us. At CWGLive, we have been reviewing the vibration machines for many years. Our partners have opened up so many machines and checked the internals now to match the claims made by the brand with what is actually supplied. It was the right time to spawn a separate brand for the machines, so I believe we have launched the new portal at a moment of maturity. The buyers will be greatly benefitted from our portal”.

Vibration machines have been among the upcoming trends in the exercise automation industry. Also known as WBV, the vibration machines produce low-to-high-frequency vibrations, which leads to muscle and bone exercises for individuals standing on these machines. Sports teams and health enthusiasts, as well as patients with different health conditions, have start adapting to these machines for exercises. Some of the biggest names in sports includes tennis superstar Rafael Nadal, who uses a whole body vibration machine from a reputed brand, and is considered to be one of the best ever players of his game.

KnockYourVibe is expected to be distributed on the web network through partner reader channels in the coming days, as stated by the CWGLive group spokesperson. While the group will aim to for organic growth among readers and information seekers on search engines, it also aims to expand its partnership network to incorporate additional content distribution partners. Over the next one year, they expect KnockYourVibe to reach out to around a thousand viewers every day. This includes researchers looking for information and potential buyers attempting to discover online reviews of vibration machines.

“Our initial goal is to positively impact 5% of the commercial market segment within the next 1-year time frame. In other words, we believe we shall be able to play a tangible role in 5% of the estimated market share of whole body vibration machines. This figure has been calculated based upon our past experiences in reviewing the vibration machines and observing consumer reactions. Further plans will be chalked out depending upon whether we meet our initial our expectations”, said the CWGLive spokesperson.

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