Vibrating White Noise Sleep Mat For Newborns – Colic Relief Baby Mattress Launch

NapNap Canada has launched its award-winning vibrating sleep mats for babies. The products will soon be available to customers across North America.

The latest launch adds to the company’s selection of baby products designed to simulate the feeling of a mother’s womb, making it easier for newborns to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

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NapNap’s updated product line includes its classic sleeping mats in four different patterns and colours: Yellow, Berry, White, and Aquamarine. Each mat includes a one-year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

White noise, which contains various sound frequencies at equal intensities, has been shown to help soothe babies who are crying, colicky, or having trouble falling asleep. Similarly, vibrations may also provide comfort to sleepless newborns, as the rhythm mimics the maternal blood flow and heartbeat felt within the womb.

Employing a combination of white noise and vibrations, the NapNap Mat’s science-backed design aims to relieve colic, improve breathing, and enhance the child’s overall wellbeing. Additionally, the product can be used to help children up to two years old develop a healthy and consistent sleep pattern.

Parents can easily adjust the mat’s vibration and white noise level between six different modes, depending on their baby’s age and preferences. The device also features a ‘Mom’s Mode’ that is designed to alleviate bodily aches and pains.

Each mat includes a removable waterproof cover that can be machine-washed. To clean the foam mat itself, parents can simply use a damp cloth or wet wipes.

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The NapNap Mat has been thoroughly tested by families and is endorsed by qualified medical health professionals around the world. For added peace of mind, the company manufactures all of its products using child-safe materials.

A satisfied customer said: “I usually don’t write reviews, but I feel like I have to this time. This little mattress is genius. My son has reflux, and it takes him a long time to settle after a feed, however, when using NapNap he is down in minutes.”

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