ViaSat Exede Debuts First Virtually Unlimited Satellite Internet Service in Florida

Satellite Cyberspace offers Exede high-speed satellite internet plans that provide households in Florida with virtually unlimited data usage for communications, web browsing, and streaming media.

ViaSat Exede Debuts First Virtually Unlimited Satellite Internet Service in Florida

Satellite Cyberspace Offers High-SpeedService for Residents of Florida

1/21/2015  – Florida – Satellite Cyberspace offersExede high-speed satellite internet plans that provide households in Floridawith virtually unlimited data usage for communications, web browsing, andstreaming media.

Virtually unlimitedsatellite internet service — providing at least 150 GBs of monthly data withouta strict data allowance — is another notable first for ViaSat, a company with ahistory of leadership in technology and market innovation. Its Exede Internetconsumer service, provided locally by, was the firsthigh-speed satellite service to reach a significant portion of the U.S.,including rural and remote areas that had historically limited internetoptions.

    “Exede Internet reaches Florida with highspeed service, which is a great advantage for many residents, especially thosein rural and remote areas,” said Wes Grace, Owner of “However, the data cap has been oneof satellite internet’s limitations. Here at, we’re very excited about the introduction of this virtually unlimited ExedeInternet plan here, which will meet our customers’ needs for more data forcommunications and streaming.”

Gracealso noted that, for the second consecutive year, Exede led all other internetservices in delivering advertised speeds. The finding is described in the FCC2014 Measuring Broadband America report, released in June. The report measuresactual service performance of fixed broadband subscribers, and Exede service was found to deliver approximately140 percent of its advertised upload and download speeds during peak periods.

“Thisis hard proof that our customers who sign up for Exede get what they pay for —and more,” said Grace. “People talk about not being able to get good Internetaround here, and I just tell them ‘You can, it’s here with Exede!’”

Gracealso noted that a new Exede promotion is available to new subscribers in Florida,which allows them to get the Freedom plan for only $69.99 for the first sixmonths.

“It’sa great deal, and anyone who likes to watch Netflix and other streaming videoservice knows the value of a virtually unlimited plan,” said Grace. “I’ve neverseen a satellite internet plan like this offered before, anywhere.”

Gracesaid the new plan is paired with 12 Mbps download speeds — about twice thespeed of average DSL service and four times faster than average 3G cellservice.

 “Exede service has solved the frustrations ofslow Internet, especially for residents and businesses in rural areas,” saidWes Grace.  “As a local business servingthis area, I can tell you that Exede Internet is a major step forward fromprevious generations of satellite service.”

Overthe past two years, the Exede service network has grown from the original ExedeInternet residential service to include a number of innovative services. Nowthe company also offers Exede Voice phone service to residential subscribers;Exede In the Air high-speed in-flight Internet for airline passengers on twomajor carriers; Exede Business for added speed and data tailored to businesssubscribers; and Exede Enterprise communications for live events, fieldoperations, disaster response, and newsgathering.

ViaSat has also announced plans for another groundbreakingsatellite, ViaSat-2, scheduled to launch in mid-2016. Its launch is expected tofacilitate a significant expansion of Exede services, capacity, speed, andcoverage areas.

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