Vi Trainer’s Virtual Running Coach Defies Convention

Vi Trainer has defied convention in the fitness app market with the release of Vi Trainer - Virtual Running Coach, the AI powered personal trainer running coach.

Vi Trainer today reflected on its release of Vi Trainer – Virtual Running Coach application after winning the “Best Running App” award 2+ Years ago by Men’s Health. The main aim of the app was always to provide an adaptive feedback system for the user’s using the AI personal training technology. Vi Trainer mimics having a personal trainer in your ear. Most apps consist of predetermined workouts, however Vi Trainer adapts to your workout and will push you to reach your full potential if you are caught slacking…. and by defying convention, this Artificial intelligence virtual running coach did so, with a difference.

Anyone familiar with the fitness app market will probably have noticed how most apps always seemed to give a list of pre made workouts that are not tailored to the individual working out. VI Trainer felt this was a problem because it limits the physical benefits of running. By having a one size fits all workout program, most apps do not take into account the individuality of its users.

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, Vi Trainer – Virtual Running Coach instead coaches the runner in real time with the user’s own personal AI running coach. It features active heart monitoring and can adjust the workout intensity based on the feedback by the user. Vi Trainer chose to make this move because VI Trainer wanted to give a realistic virtual personal trainer experience tailored for the individual.

Those who want to feel a sense of empowerment and excitement while training with an app have been impressed with VI Trainer. Verrity Bramwell, an excited user, states “I was never much of an exerciser..but with the help of VI, I absolutely love my running time.

Since Day 1 it has always aimed to to provide options for individuals who enjoy working out on their own schedule the opportunity to have a personal trainer on demand.

Vi Trainer – Virtual Running Coach is now available on the Google and Apple store. Users can follow the link to learn more and sign up for a trial. VI Trainer

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Release ID: 89037913