Veterinarian Cautions Dog Owners About Feeding Rice to Dogs with Diarrhea

Small animal veterinarian cautions against feeding rice to dogs with diarrhea.

People instinctively choose rice to treat incidences of diarrhea in themselves and their children. They also instinctively turn to rice or a bland rice and chicken diet for their dogs when their dogs contract a case of diarrhea. Diarrhea in dogs is a common problem caused by a change in water or food, stress or eating garbage. A visit to the vet to treat this common ailment can cost hundreds of dollars and result in multiple vet visits throughout the course of a year.

“Most rice sold in stores is not compatible with a dog’s digestive system and results in a worsening case of diarrhea because it stresses the dog’s digestive system further,” according to Dr. Jeff Kordell, a practicing veterinarian and co-developer of DiarRice®. Feeding dogs rice does not usually cure their diarrhea because it does not address the cause of diarrhea which can be caused by an imbalance in a dog’s intestinal flora.

One option to treat diarrhea in dogs is a prescription for Metronidazole which pet owners can get from their veterinarian. For those pet parents who still would like to feed their dogs rice, Dr. Kordell recommends rice in a processed form that is easier for dogs to digest. Flaked or milled rice is a better option than rice grains commonly sold in supermarkets for human consumption. While processed rice will be more easily digested, it is usually not enough to treat diarrhea in dogs successfully.

Dr. Kordell suggests that dog owners combine processed rice with specific probiotics to quickly and effectively rebalance intestinal flora that cause an irritated GI tract which results in diarrhea. This will usually eliminate the need for a trip to the vet and a prescription for most cases of dog diarrhea and save dog owners time and money. Readers can also get Dr. Kordell’s patent-pending rice and probiotic formula in DiarRice®, a proprietary blend of five probiotics and rice with chicken and pumpkin natural flavors which is available on Amazon.

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