Veteran Pre-Planning Services Provided by Paul Lane Funeral Home

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If one is a member of the military, it is important to keep one’s discharge paperwork. The proof of an honorable discharge from the United States Armed Forces is an extremely important document that is the key to receiving certain services and benefits. Serving the area of St. Albans, New York, Paul Lane Funeral Home caters to the nation’s veterans. More information as to the valued services provided by Paul Lane Funeral Home can be found at

One of the benefits bestowed upon the veterans of the United States military is the option for the remains of the service member and their spouse to be laid to rest in one of the beautiful national cemeteries that the Veterans Administration operates around the country. The national cemetery system can accommodate both casketed and cremated remains in keeping with the wishes of each family.

To secure a final resting place within the national cemetery system, the family must provide the funeral director with the appropriate required discharge paperwork from whatever branch of the Armed Forces that person served.

When families do not have the discharge paperwork to submit for review to the national cemetery scheduling office they can request a procedure called a “clearance.” Then the veteran’s discharge information and status are located by different agencies including the branch of the Armed Forces the veteran served in, the National Personnel Record Center in St. Louis and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The inherent danger in this is that there can be a delay of a few days to possibly weeks before the correct information is located and vetted by these agencies. Until that process is complete, the remains of the deceased will not be accepted into the national cemetery system. A delay can place an extra emotional strain on an already grieving family because they cannot set a final date for burial at the cemetery and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their loved one is in their final resting place.

So what is the best way to avoid a situation such as this?

At Paul Lane Funeral Home, as part of the pre-planning process the funeral directors request a copy of the honorable discharge for each person who tells them that their final resting place will be in one of America’s military cemeteries. The funeral directors of Paul Lane Funeral Home go the extra step of contacting the National Cemetery Scheduling Office for their pre-arrangements and clearing the veteran in advance by forwarding their discharge paperwork for review and storage. Pre-planning in this way eliminates surprise delays.

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