Vertical Jump Increase Without Weight Training Exercises Expert Manual Launched

A new blog post, based on exercises that can be done to improve one’s vertical high jumps, has been launched. The detailed guide aims at assisting athletes during the current pandemic.

Jump High Training, a blog site created by former baseballer Hunter Lapeyre, has released a new guide. It features six exercises that can help athletes to jump higher without having to weight train.

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The newly launched manual begins by highlighting the importance of exercise to increase the body’s muscle mass, which in turn provides the strength needed to make a vertical jump. It then points out the fact that certain weightless workouts are effective in improving one’s jump in the space of two weeks.

The first tip listed in the guide entails the use of a foam roller. According to the guide, the presence of muscle knots in the body limits tissue strength and further shortens and weakens them. As a result, the short and weak muscles make it difficult for one to be able to make a high jump. The use of a foam roller, therefore, helps remove those knots from one’s legs.

The next suggested exercise on the guide is that of Bulgarian squat splits. This move not only assists one in making high jumps but it also contributes to the maintenance and improvement of muscle strength. This step also features instructions on how to perform the Bulgarian squat splits.

Considered one of the best exercises to safely jump high in, knee-to-feet jumps are another suggestion in the guide. The manual notes that this exercise helps to improve one’s stamina and jump if repeated every morning for two weeks.

Lapeyre’s guide also advises athletes to try depth jumps, rim jumps, and to train frequently and intensively. The former D1 athlete advocates that individuals commit to and engage in workouts and body exercises which build muscles and maintains their stability.

Apart from this new blog post, Lapeyre’s site also features other articles related to achieving vertical high jumps and other athletics-related topics. They include how to safely land from a jump, ways of measuring one’s vertical, home exercises to increase the vertical, among others.

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With the occurrence of the current pandemic and the consequential closing of gyms, Lapeyre encourages athletes to practice home training exercises without the use of weights to better their jumps.

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