Vernon BC HVAC Technicians Pre-Screened Contractors Licensed Service Launched

Phyxter has announced an update to its services in Vernon, BC to help people find pre-screened and licenced HVAC technicians for a range of systems such as boilers and air-conditioning units.

Phyxter has launched its updated services for people looking for experienced and licensed HVAC contractors in Vernon, British Columbia, and the surrounding areas.

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The Canadian company’s updated services aim to offer people in Vernon, British Columbia, access to on-demand contractors who can assist with a range of HVAC-related appliances such as furnaces, air conditioning units, and water heaters.

When trying to find an HVAC service, many people may struggle to find a trusted technician who is licensed and offers a guaranteed service for their maintenance, repair, or installation needs. With many contractors to choose from in an area, knowing which technician is the best for a specific job can also be difficult. Phyxter aims to solve this issue by offering people the benefit of their pre-screened contractor service.

Phyxter works alongside technicians in Vernon, BC, to ensure all of the contractors they dispatch are fully licensed, insured and pre-screened before recommending them to a customer. The company will speak with customers to discover their needs before providing them with a suitable technician based on their requirements.

The service from Phyxter saves customers the time and stress of searching through several local contractors to find one that is licensed and who suits their needs. Furthermore, Phyxter can arrange multiple quotes for a project if a customer wants to compare different prices.

The HVAC systems covered by Phyxter’s contractors include boilers, heat pumps, and air quality controls, as well as heaters and aircon units. Additionally, for emergencies, Phyxter provides a 24/7 service and support, allowing people to find technicians at any time of the day for assistance.

The Phyxter service is available by downloading their app or through their website, which also offers visitors a blog with DIY articles, tips, and tricks for the HVAC systems.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website mentioned above.

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