Venus Factor Women’s Weight Loss Program Hormonal Leptin Effects Report Launched

A new report has been released about weight loss program Venus Factor designed specifically for women by nutritionist John Barban, that takes into account hormonal factors in the female body, particularly the reaction of leptin, and its effect on weight loss.

Venus Factor, a weight loss plan developed specifically for women by nutritionist John Barban, has released a report on its website taking into account the hormonal factors, particularly the reaction of leptin in the female body, and its effect on weight loss.

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Weight loss is dependent on two well-known elements, being diet and exercise, and every weight loss program incorporates them. The Venus Factor program additionally factors in the hormonal component of weight loss and how this affects the body with regards to storing and burning fat.

Nutritionist, writer and best-selling author John Barban conducted extensive research and discovered that the biggest problem facing women regarding weight loss is the effects of leptin on the body, leading to the creation of the Venus Factor weight loss program and the report behind it, detailed on the website.

The website looks at factors women face regarding weight loss, such as having 10 percent more body fat than men and therefore a lower metabolism and muscle-mass distribution, making it harder to shed kilos. It looks at the role of leptin, being the master hormone that controls appetite and metabolism, and despite women having twice as much leptin as men, women appear to be three times less responsive to it. As a result, Barban has developed a 12-week program that offers dietary and nutritional advice, as well as exercise guides designed specifically for the female body.

The Venus Factor weight loss program claims to deliver ground breaking results, by teaching participants about: foods to avoid that suppress leptin sensitivity to achieve weight loss success; a herb that reverses the effects of Leptin resistance to increase female metabolism, boosting weight loss potential; foods that maintain high levels of leptin in the body and allows the body to burn fat 24 hours a day; information on the most important nutrient most women lack in their daily diets for weight loss; and special exercises specifically designed to maximize female fat loss.

The report describes the six components for successful Venus Factor weight loss results: the Essential Fat-Loss Diet Guide e-book with dietary information about foods that raise leptin resistance in women; the 12-Week Venus Factor Workout Guide that cover three phases to implement across 12 weeks, including why it’s important not to do too much cardio; Venus Factor work-out videos, almost 150 in all, to be performed in participants’ homes without the need for a personal trainer; the Virtual Nutritionist software application to record results; access to the Venus Community and like-minded women via chat; and the Venus Factor Index podcast, offering insightful weight loss tips and resources.

According to Barban, the key methods to achieving success on the program are: a change in diet that will be maintained, forming new habits to stick to for ensuring success, time-out one day per week for ‘cheat’ meals and being patient while the results take time to happen.

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