Venture Capital VC/PE Investment Apprenticeship Program Online Training Launched

An investment accelerator team has developed a business training program for prospective PE/VC professionals who want to learn real-world strategies through actual investments in real companies.

An investment fund and trade school has launched a learning opportunity for individuals who want to acquire the necessary knowledge and experience to break into the venture capital/private equity (VC/PE) industry.

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This opportunity is offered by Venture University (VU), an investor accelerator that doubles as a modern-day trade school, where students can gain actual experience by joining a real investment team.

VU is currently accepting applications for Investor Accelerator and Executive Education, its two main programs. This year’s fall session for the United States will be held from September 21 to December 11. In Asia, the session will run from October 12 to December 25.

The winter session in the U.S. will start in January 2021, while the one in Hong Kong will begin in February.

VU’s Investor Accelerator is an 11-week program that can provide the skills, experience, and networking opportunity to participants who want to become an analyst, associate, or a venture partner. The program offers participants an apprenticeship, profit-sharing agreement, career development support, a VC/PE masterclass, and advanced modules.

The Executive Education segment consists of several programs headed by industry experts. These programs include the Angel Immersion program, which features strategies for investing in startups as an angel investor; Global Market Modules, which teaches the best practices in global markets investing; and other advanced VC/PE training programs.

The group’s “learn by doing” approach is made possible through VU’s own investment team: VU Venture Partners. The team manages an investment fund that puts capital in two to five companies in various industries, including fintech, healthcare, and frontier tech, per quarter.

Program participants will get to experience the results of their hard work as they take part in a profit sharing agreement, allowing them to share in the financial upside of successful investments.

Previous enrollees include investment banking and consulting professionals, angel investors, emerging fund managers, startup founders, and graduates, as well as undergraduates seeking hands-on training.

Feedback from the program’s alumni has been positive. One previous cohort member wrote, “I’ve gotten more hands on experience than I could ever have imagined. After 11 weeks, it felt like we’ve been here for 11 months!” Another one said, “After 3 months, I made 5 investments that I have upside in, received 3 job offers, and now I’m an Associate Partner at a VC fund focusing on my passion of Internet of Things.”

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