Ventura CA Bankruptcy Attorney Law Firm Expands County Practice Area

Ventura, CA bankruptcy attorney law firm the Law Offices of Eric Ridley has expanded its Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 practice to cities and towns across Ventura County. The firm leverages years of negotiation and litigation experience, discharging more than $6.3 million in bankruptcy proceedings.

Ventura, CA bankruptcy attorney law firm the Law Offices of Eric Ridley announced the expansion of its bankruptcy practice in the Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura Metro area and the across the county. The firm of tenured bankruptcy lawyers has established its practice in the region, winning landmark cases in the areas of consumer protection and bankruptcy.

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The firm provides legal advice, negotiation, and legal representation in cases of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The legal team at the Law Offices of Eric Ridley has a consistent record in this practice area, having discharged more than $6.3 million in debt for clients in the cities of Moorpark, Port Hueneme, Oxnard, Camarillo, and Ventura.

The Oxnard bankruptcy & consumer advocacy law firm handles delicate and complex matters pertaining to wills, trusts, credit card debt, medical planning, student loan lawsuits, long-term care planning, and other related areas. The firm offers a free legal consultation to determine the merits of a case and provides online and in-person consultations with expert lawyers.

According to a spokesperson for the offices of the Camarillo bankruptcy attorney, “We are committed to helping individuals and families understand their rights and obligations under California’s bankruptcy laws. Our goal is to support a client’s rights through the services of the finest bankruptcy attorney Oxnard, Camarillo, and Tehachapi has to offer.”

Headed by veteran personal lifetime lawyer Eric Ridley, the Law Offices of Eric Ridley provides legal services in the areas of estate law, elder law, civil litigation, debt lawsuits, family asset protection, small business law, and primarily bankruptcy. Eric Ridley is a member of the State Bar of California and bar associations in Ventura County and the San Fernando Valley. He is also a member of several national associations for consumer advocates with vast legal experience in the entertainment, internet, and real estate sectors. More information is available over the phone at 805-244-5291 and at the URL above.

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