Ventura CA 3PL Provides Small & Mid-Size Business TMS Access For Shipping

A Unishippers franchise in Ventura, CA, provides access to a powerful transportation management system (TMS) not normally affordable for small and mid-sized business shipping.

J.P. Budd has been helping small and mid-sized business customers for more than eight years. His Ventura, CA based Unishippers franchise offers a full mix of 3PL services and shipping options including domestic express and ground package shipping, international package shipping, LTL and FTL freight, and intermodal.

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Through direct interaction with thousands of small business shippers over the past several years, logistics industry professionals like Mr. Budd have found that one of the most effective ways to improve shipping process efficiency is with automation and high quality online tools. However, many logistics software tools designed to manage complex shipping operations are not affordable for small businesses operating with limited budgets. Now, small business shippers are able to take advantage of a significant technological benefit from a leading industry 3PL.

Unishippers franchises provide access to the automation capability of their own proprietary and robust transportation management system (TMS) tool. This helps businesses manage and automate the complicated, multi-step transportation process. Unishippers customers have noted that this capability not only saves time, it also dramatically lowers costs and improves operational efficiency.

Mr. Budd states, “Our industry-leading Transportation Management System technology gives my small business shipping customers access to a vast network of carriers. They can immediately compare costs and delivery options, prepare reports, invoices and other documentation.” Unishippers provides this capability, training, and support free to their customers.

Taking this service a step further, Unishippers franchises work as a single main point-of-contact to consolidate, monitor, and manage shipping for their small business customers. The direct result of engaging such 3PL capability is a measurable reduction in time spent communicating with carriers to understand and negotiate rates and resolve inevitable issues.

Partnering with Unishippers enables more efficient management of multiple carrier invoices, various different contacts at each company, and variety of complex online shipping tools. The full service 3PL eliminates the requirement for their customers to check and compare rates and availability across multiple carriers platforms which results in a dramatic savings in operational time spent by going to a “One Stop Shop” Shipping solutions platform.

Industry leading 3PLs typically train their teams and strive to remain up to date on logistics industry best practices, developments in supporting technology, packaging and crating guidance, and service options. So, like any good industry leader, Unishippers taps the depth of experience of it’s franchise teams throughout the US to recommend the best freight and small package carriers for each specific shipment.

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