Ventura 3PL Offers Small Business Freight, Express & Ground Shipping Advantages

A Ventura, CA, Unishippers 3PL franchise provides small and mid-size business shipping clients competitive rates, an experienced account team, more time to focus on business operations.

Unishippers franchises extend a full range of 3PL solutions to small and mid-size businesses that ship less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) freight, as well as ocean, air and international freight. And as UPS’ largest authorized non-retail reseller, Unishippers offers advantageous pricing on UPS ground package, Domestic Express, and International shipping for businesses that ship regularly.

Information about all Unishippers’ small business shipping service options can be found on the company’s website: .

Founded in 1987, Unishippers has grown to become one of the largest US based logistics providers for small and mid-sized business shipping customers. With 2019 revenue exceeding $1.6B on volume of over 25 million shipments, the company has garnered significant influence with carriers and providers of Domestic and International Express & Mailing Service, Ground, Next Flight Out, Air & Ocean Freight, as well as LTL & FTL Freight. They’ve also negotiated a unique relationship with a logistics industry leader, becoming the largest authorized non-retail reseller of UPS services.

J.P. Budd is one of Unishippers’ 150 franchise and affiliate units whose customers are part of the parent company’s growing base of over 90,000 total business shippers. Mr. Budd and his team, like many franchises throughout the US, work with small and mid-sized business customers daily who are then able to leverage that industry influence to enjoy operational economies of scale, advantageous shipping rates, and experienced, expert shipping service.

Mr. Budd has been serving shipping customers across the US for nearly a decade from his headquarters in Ventura, CA. Budd states, “One of the best advantages I can offer a small business is significantly lower rates from carriers than they can get on their own.”

Unishippers’ combined shipping volume, much higher than that of any single small company, allows them to negotiate extraordinary rates. It is part of their business model to relay the cost savings from their bulk buying power with the freight carriers. “Working within a system with a bulk buying power of over 90,000 customers allows me to help my customers to take advantage of the purchasing power of our nationwide network,” notes Budd, “And this reduces one of their direct costs and significantly improves profitability.”

Almost all small businesses who ship regularly understand that the time required to manage an effective shipping operation can be excessive. Daily and sometimes hourly issues arise from having to deal with multiple carrier options and services, complicated pricing programs, and complex shipping systems. The constant expenditure of time and attention reduces time and other resources needed for each customer’s primary business.

As a result of this challenge, many Unishippers franchise owners like Mr. Budd also focus their experienced account teams on taking the complexity and considerable amount of time lost to logistics operations, off the plate of their customers. Budd notes that his customers can, “save time to focus on other urgent and important aspects of their business.”

As consumers continue to expect faster delivery, small businesses shippers consider it extremely important to develop efficient shipping processes. 3PLs like J.P. Budd’s Unishippers franchise answer with time-saving solutions, including multiple carrier options, and logistics industry experience and expertise with a single point of contact for all shipping.

Interested companies can review Unishippers services and connect with J.P. Budd or one of his logistics consultants here: .

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