Veloxity CRM for Consulting Firms Service Set to Launch to the Public

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Veloxity CRM for Consulting Firms Service Set to Launch to the Public Read On for More Information

Today, Veloxity spoke more about its latest service designed consulting firms. Its customer relationship management (CRM) for consulting firms service has now been launched, and a page on Veloxity’s website demonstrates why consulting firms should use a CRM system and what the benefits are of choosing its service over the competition.

The page began by touching on the subject of why consulting firms should opt for a CRM tool by stating that a customer is one of the most vital aspects of a consulting firm’s longevity. Everyone knows that customer acquisition is important, but retaining customers requires the successful completion of projects.

Consulting firms that don’t make use of a centralized system for sales data and tracking and are currently using OneNote, spreadsheets, or even paper aren’t thinking about their growth potential. Disorganized systems can prevent customers from receiving the attention they deserve, which can reflect poorly on an organization’s reputation. Worst of all, leads may fall through the cracks which could cause a loss in potential revenue.

If you don’t have a centralized system for sales data tracking, then your customers will not receive the best possible attention and may feel your company is too disorganized to manage their critical projects. Veloxity mentions that one of the easiest ways to address this issue almost immediately is to make use of a CRM for consulting firms, which is designed specifically for firms to serve their clients better and improve overall processes.

With Veloxity CRM, consulting firms can create professional email campaigns within minutes. Users can take advantage of Veloxity’s industry-leading targeted search functionality to reach the right audience and set up advanced A/B testing and DRIP campaigns (or a combination of both). These are just a few of the features consulting firms can expect from their CRM.

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