Vehicle Winterization from Link Automotive in Charleston WV

Vehicle Winterization is often overlooked, but a very important task when transitioning into the colder seasons. Link Automotive in Charleston, WV makes safety on the road a top priority.

Winterizing vehicles is important for the safety drivers, passengers, and the vehicle and Link Automotive is here to help every step of the way. With preparing vehicles for the winter season, some of these tips can be done on at home or with the help of Link Automotive.

There are different components to winterizing vehicles for the cold months. Some of the winterization can be completed at home and other jobs have to be professionally completed.

Link Automotive in Charleston, WV offers services to have vehicles winterized for the cold months. Visit for more information.

At Link Automotive, they have found some of the most important services to preform in order to have a vehicle that is well equipped for winter. Installing winter tires, having a vehicle serviced for winter conditions, and installing winter wipers are services they have identified as being the most important for winter vehicle safety.

Having your vehicle serviced for winter conditions can include checking the breaks and the life of the battery within the vehicle. It is important that your breaks are in good working condition because of the variable conditions on the road. Checking the life of the battery is also important because your vehicle takes more battery power to start in the colder months.

Link Automotive has also identified vehicle winterization that can be completed at home. Some of the winterization that can be completed at home include maintaining tire pressure, keeping windshield wiper fluid filled, packing a winter safety kit, and keeping the gas tank half full.

Vehicle winterization is prioritized to ensure the safety of the vehicle, passengers, and other individuals driving on the road.

Those interested in scheduling an appointment can do so at or by phone at 304-915-AUTO. Link Automotive also accepts drop-in appointments at 312 21st Street W, Charleston, WV 25387.

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