Vegan Cream Cheese Hong Kong Shop – Dairy-Free Plant-Based Gluten-Free Launched

Hong Kong Online Vegan Store La Taula has launched a new collection of bespoke vegan cheeses. Gluten and dairy-free, their artisanal cheese range is derived from natural, unprocessed ingredients.

La Taula, a notable name for bespoke, vegan cuisine in the competitive Hong Kong food scene, has now launched a new collection of artisanal vegan cheeses and vegan cream cheeses. La Taula’s new product range is both gluten and dairy-free.

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The product launch coincides with the rise of veganism in Hong Kong in recent years, which has seen the region named as one of the world’s top 10 vegan-friendly destinations by the animal rights group PETA ASIA.

As the vegan food movement spreads amongst the population of Hong Kong, La Taula is dedicated to providing a natural, nutritional and most importantly delicious range of vegan cheeses and cream cheeses.

Utilising a base of fermented tree nuts, including cashews, almonds and macadamias, La Taula uses raw, natural ingredients, including probiotics to produce a plant-based alternative to cheese.

Beyond nutrition, they are also committed to culinary exploration and the new range features a number of exotic and nuanced flavour palettes.

In their range of soft cheeses, they are now offering Szechuan Chilli Cheese, Sriracha, Smoky Spicy Cheddar, Miso Cheese, Black Garlic and more.

Their vegan cream cheese collection features similarly delicate flavours partnering with each other, such as their Almond Fennel Ricotta and Creamy Coriander Mint Chutney Cheese.

According to their environmental ethos, all of La Taula’s vegan cheeses are delivered in aesthetically designed ceramic dishes which can be served directly to the table and then reused by the customer or easily returned to the company.

In addition to their range of vegan cheeses they also retail gourmet raw crackers and fully vegan desserts ranging from banana cakes to chocolate orange cake.

La Taula was founded by raw, plant-based chef Kanch, who has been a fixture of the culinary scene in Hong Kong since 2016.

Their cheeses are available for individual sale or on a monthly subscription basis.

A spokesperson said, “La Taula’s commitment is to share a range of prepared and perfectly presented gourmet fare to your table. Food at your convenience that is perfect for entertaining and for an indulgent treat.”

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