Vega Capital Launches Top Performing Managed Fund

For investors wanting to grow their investment portfolio through both bull and bear markets, a hedge fund from Australia is offering sophisticated and wholesale investors a unique strategy to both grow and protect their wealth.

The Sydney based ‘Vega Fund’ is a top performing managed fund which aims to generates returns for client’s portfolio regardless of which way the stock market turns. The fund runs via algorithms whose logic is based on a long running study of economic and market cycles.

Market cycles are studied by famous investors such as Ray Dalio, Paul Tudor Jones and Howard Marks.

The Fund has been shown to generate returns averaged more than 15 per cent per annum during bull market cycles and over 50 percent per annum during bear market cycles.

In a report to clients, Founder and Portfolio Manager Scott Shuttleworth wrote “Without a doubt, a critical mistake made by investors is not considering what could happen to their portfolio during a recession. Many stock investors who weren’t prepared for the last recession saw their wealth drop by more than 50 per percent. So stocks aren’t always a good investment and the returns on cash or term deposits are very small.”

“Whilst we don’t know when the next recession is, it’s prudent that investors prepare for it now”.

Mr Shuttleworth completed his Master’s Degree in Financial Mathematics from the University of New South Wales whilst working as an Equities Analyst at the Sydney based Montgomery Investment Management run by Roger Montgomery.

He then spent many years studying the markets and developing the philosophy which today governs the way The Vega Fund operates. Mr Shuttleworth established Vega Capital once obtaining seed funding from several prominent Australian business figures.

Mr Shuttleworth commented, “I felt that there was a large gap in the market for a fund which could both protect client’s wealth during recessions but also grow it when the economy later moves on. Most funds in the market focus on just how much they can make in the good times but it’s how much you keep when prices fall which determines your long term returns.”

Early results from the fund has been pleasing with an 8% return since inception in early April making it one of the best performing managed funds in Australia.

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About Vega Capital

Vega Capital is a top performing managed fund in Sydney, Australia. Vega Capital’s hedge fund strategy helps clients reach their individual and SMSF investment goals as well as protecting capital from stock market crashes and other crises.

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