VC PE Investment Accelerator Training For Analysts Associates Managers Launched

An investment fund that offers training in VC/PE has launched its investor accelerator program for individuals who want to become analysts, associates, principals, managers, or partners.

A multi-stage investment fund and trade school has launched a venture capital/private equity (VC/PE) investor accelerator program for individuals who want to break into VC, PE, and angel investing within months.

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Venture University’s Investor Accelerator program allows participants to benefit from high-quality VC/PE education while allowing them to make actual investments during training.

The program includes an apprenticeship, a profit-sharing agreement, career development and network opportunities, an intensive masterclass program, and a series of advanced modules.

Program participants will have the opportunity to learn and work with top-performing investors with over 35 years of experience in more than 250 companies.

Students can learn a number of critical skills, such as deal sourcing, due diligence, investment evaluation, and more, in addition to being involved in the various stages of a company’s growth.

Moreover, they are given the opportunity to invest in a number two to five companies per quarter and share in the financial upside.

The upcoming program in the U.S. will be held from September 21 to December 11, 2020. Another program is slated for winter from January 11 to March 6, 2021.

In Asia, the fall program will begin from October 12 to December 25 this year. 2021’s classes will begin with a cohort slated for February 22 until May 7.

Students may join in-person in Venture University’s offices in San Francisco, New York City, or Hong Kong. Remote classes are available through Zoom.

The Investor Accelerator program is ideal for anyone looking to join VC/PE funds as an analyst, associate, principal, or partner. Emerging fund managers, angel investors, career shifters, entrepreneurs, and students are encouraged to participate in the program.

PE refers to ownership of or interest in stakes in private companies or public companies that are made private after being delisted. VC is financing given by investors to startups that show potential.

Professionals in VC/PE careers enjoy higher-than-average salaries. According to Wall Street Oasis, a VC analyst can earn $80,000-$150,000 annually, and managing directors can earn millions, in addition, to carry bonuses.

Venture University is a modern trade school and MBA alternative, where one can learn by actually joining an investment team. The company was founded by J. Skyler Fernandes, a Powerlist 100 VC and co-founder of VU Venture Partners, and his wife Jenna Fernandes, a venture-backed serial entrepreneur.

Apart from Investor Accelerator, it offers academic courses in its Executive Education program.

More information about the Investor Accelerator program can be found at the URL above.

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